on/go™ COVID-19 Rapid Home Test – 2ct


A Rapid Over the Counter Home 2pk Test to detect SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid protein antigen within 10 minutes. FDA approved under the EUA for at-home use and over-the-counter sale.

on/go™ COVID-19 Rapid Antigen At-Home Self Test approved for Over-The-Counter sales. Tech Enabled via Smart Phone Application of IOS and Android.

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On/Go is a reliable, portable, and affordable over-the-counter COVID testing and tracing solution capable of detecting all known COVID-19 variants

Easy-to-use iOS and Android mobile apps guide users through an intuitive testing experience

On/Go was awarded a U.S. Department of Defense contract to distribute On/Go to more than 25,000 locations across the U.S. that are among the most vulnerable populations

For population managers, the new AI-powered platform seamlessly integrates with On/Go rapid COVID tests, offering a real-time solution to avoid costly shutdowns through rapid, targeted interventions that enable peace of mind

Manufactured in the U.S., On/Go has the ability to ship tens of millions of tests monthly and hundreds of millions of tests yearly, and is continuing to ramp up production rapidly

Country of Origin United States
Application Rapid Test Kit – Self Test
Contents (2) Test Devices, (2) Extraction Reagent Capsules, (2) Sterile Swabs, Package Insert, (1) Quick Reference Instruction For Use
FDA EUA No. EUA210314/S001
Storage Room Temperature
Test Format Test Device
Test Method Lateral Flow Immunochromatographic Assay
Test Type Rapid Antigen Detection
Time to Results 10 Minute Results
Kit Packing 2 Tests
Case Packing 232 Kits (464 Tests)
Application At-Home OTC COVID-19 Test
Pallet Packing 20 Cases (9,280 Tests / 4,640 Kits)
  • The on/go™ At-Home OTC COVID-19 Test is intended for the qualitative detection of nucleocapsid proteins from SARS-CoV-2 from individuals with or without symptoms or other epidemiological reasons to suspect COVID-19 when tested twice over two or three days with at least 24 hours and no more than 36 hours between tests
  • This test is authorized for nonprescription home use with self-collected (unobserved) direct anterior nasal(NS) swab specimens from individuals aged 14 years and older or with adult-collected anterior NS samples from individuals aged 2 years or older
  • Individuals should provide all results obtained with this product to their healthcare provider for public health reporting
  • This product has been authorized only for the detection of proteins from SARS-CoV-2, not for any other viruses or pathogens
  • The test is intended to be read at 10 minutes; If the test is read before this or is read more than 5 minutes after the indicated read time, results may be inaccurate and the test should be repeated

Additional information

Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 24 × 15 in
Product Packaging

1 Kit (2 Tests), 4 Kits (8 Tests – Insurance Reimbursement), 29 Kits (58 Tests), 58 Kits (116 Tests), 232 Kits (464 Tests), 928 Kits (1,856 Tests), 4,640 Kit Pallet (9,280 Tests)

Billing Period

Weekly, Monthly